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3i Creativity™

Creativity is the engine for innovation and is all about the remix: recombinations of ideas, references and objects. Creativity consists of 3 elements you must constantly weave in and out of to get to amazing insights: Inquiry, Improvisation, and Intuition. Use the 3i Creativity™ framework the next time you need to explain what exactly creativity is, to fully transform your organization, business growth strategy, and management and hiring decisions.


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Wonder Rigor™


Alece Birnbach of Graphic Recording Studio, Illustrator

WonderRigor™ – A creativity tool that helps you try on different modes according to the challenge at hand. The WonderRigor™ method is effective for anyone who wants to grow their business strategically, build a better team, hire the best people, innovate, and lead with purpose. Wonder is about audacity, awe, pausing and asking a lot of ‘What if …?’ questions. Rigor is about skill, discipline and focus. Remember: Rigor cannot be sustained without wonder, and wonder is found in the midst of rigor!


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