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I challenge you to pose life-changing questions

I am a global keynote speaker for companies and associations (see sample list below). I utilize my background in anthropology (user-centered, context-driven, applied research) and fashion (the ability to merge creativity, trend research and commercial business savvy) to help your team or organization do three primary things differently: see, interpret, and innovate. Please visit the Figure8thinking YouTube channel for more information.

Topics include:

-Leading with Creativity
-Building and Sustaining an Innovation Culture
-The Future of Work is Jazz: 4 Shifts to Make
-Strategy & Foresight
-Adapt & Disrupt- Getting Excellent at Change

TEDx Philadelphia

WonderRigor™ 2 min overview

Dancers + Strategy



Create Like Your Life Depends on It (from the GreatPHL 2018 conference)



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Empathy is a Business Practice

Story is Strategy

Business Innovation Factory

Design Thinking 101

Innovation IQ

Lateral Thinking

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