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Figure 8 Thinking helps leaders build high-performing culture, design transformative experiences, and radically improve business results.

Culture change and enterprise design is a long term process. I serve as partner, facilitator and co-designer of a collaborative, inventive and customer-centric process that your team defines and owns. This happens in 2 phases: 1) Assess and Envision; 2) Implement and Grow.

Most companies should ask themselves the following questions:
What business are we REALLY in?
What do our customers ACTUALLY need?

They rarely pause to ask these questions because of legacy culture, silos, and laggard technology.
In the 4th Industrial Revolution, cloud technology, automation and AI are ubiquitous. This means organizations need to increase creativity and their Innovation IQ to thrive and amplify what is uniquely human.

A high Innovation IQ has 3 parts:
1) Inventive thinking; 2) Collaborative organizational culture, and 3) Customer-centered products & services.

Business Results

Innovation IQ Business Result
Inventive Thinking New Business models, strategic partners & revenue streams
Collaborative Organizational Culture Improved efficiencies and lower costs
Customer-Centered Products & Services Higher ROI and brand loyalty

Innovation IQ Strategy

Your organizational culture consists of the stories that you tell—internally, and externally— about people, process, and place. Figure 8 Thinking guides you through two phases to adapt and disrupt.

Phase 1: Assess and Envision
We analyze the organizational culture and design of the company in its present state, then identify future scenarios to convert current challenges into transformative opportunities & experiences.

Phase 2: Implement and Grow
Prioritize, do, and learn in short, iterative stages. Achieve smart and sustainable growth by scaling methodically. Success is contagious.

Natalie’s hands-on, design thinking workshop with our team led to key insights that we will plan to incorporate in our program design in the future.


Figure 8 Thinking is a stellar team who brought commitment, compassion, and courage to our partnership. Their landscape analysis on the wealth disparity in the United States was superb. Figure 8 Thinking brought excellent qualitative research, scenario planning and analysis to the project and exceeded our expectations with suggested experiments to test their recommendations.