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Portfolio of Workshops

Design for Strategy Workshops

Strategy is fundamentally a creative practice because it requires perspective, recombinations and reframing. In all of these workshops, participants will learn and apply 4 basic principles of design thinking: empathy, lateral thinking, prototyping and story. They will leave with tools and frameworks to apply to their actual project, organizational and business challenges.




Each workshop and board retreat is customized to the goals and outcomes you want to achieve. I incorporate creative techniques to keep people engaged, curious and inspired to apply what they have learned, long after the workshop.

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Past Topics

  • Using Jazz in business operations to promote improvisation.
  • Using Chaordic Structures to enhance creativity in the workplace.
  • Promoting Collaboration through design thinking

I've Given Workshops for


3i Framework™

The 3i Creativity™ is Figure 8 Thinking’s action based methodology to cultivate creativity. Curiosity is the context for all creative action. Intuition, ‪improvisation, and insight are the major components of creativity. They do not occur in a linear order; rather there is an integrative ebb and flow between them. Intuition, or pattern recognition, and improvisation, a chaordic system that values structure and randomness, are critical to ignite the final insight.

Wonder Rigor™

WonderRigor™ is a chaordic system which requires us to be grounded in curiosity, and regularly loop in and out of improvisation, intuition and impact. Wonder is about imagining, supposing, day-dreaming and asking “What if?”; rigor is about discipline, time-on-task and structure.