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Sample Keynote Topics

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AI is Your Co-Creator

Generative AI tools such as Chat GPT are neither a dystopian quagmire nor a utopian panacea. Brilliant and rambunctious imagination is required now – more than ever! By the end of this keynote, audience members will walk away with the confidence to view AI as their collaborator and co-creator, as well as have a healthy critical assessment of the technology – all with the goal to amplify what makes us uniquely human.

Adapt or Disrupt: Creativity's Business ROI

Creativity is the engine for innovation. This talk builds the business case for creativity and that the best leaders are creative to their core- no matter the sector. The challenge is that creativity isn’t mentioned in the corporate boardroom because people don’t really understand what creativity is. At the end of this talk, audience members will be equipped with a simple and unique method to apply creativity as well as tips to regularly exercise creativity for strategic outcomes and business impact with their teams and clients.

It's a Hybrid World After All: Making Innovation Stick in the Modern Office

What exactly does “working in the office” mean in a pandemic reality world? There are lots of opportunities to reframe collaboration, teaming and leadership to yield the best innovation and meaningful work. The place to start is by applying Natalie Nixon’s 3i Creativity™ framework: inquiry, improvisation and intuition. In this talk, Natalie shares examples and tactical methods to boost critical skills in our new working world of blurred boundaries.

4 Creativity Leaps You MUST Make for The Future of Work

We tend to talk about the future of work as a binary proposition- either ”run for the hills, the robots are taking over” or “automation and ubiquitous cloud will make life easier and amazing for all!”. The 4th Industrial revolution is characterized by ubiquitous cloud tech, automation, and AI. This talk takes the audience through 4 pivotal creativity leaps we must make to be prepared for the future of work.

The Future of Work is Jazz

This talk explores how the most successful and flourishing companies will be ones that are adaptive and improvisational. Attendees will learn the connections between jazz improvisation and optimal organizational design. The talk will break down what improvisation is, and how to improvise more at work. It will also explain what foresight is and how any team can build this competency for more relevant strategic planning.

Questions Answered

  • How might we innovate better and more consistently?
  • How might we look ahead to the next quarter/year with fresh eyes & a rejuvenated attitude?
  • What’s something we haven’t heard before about the future of work?
  • How do I build my organization’s creative capacity?

Benefits & Outcomes

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  • Access to a summary deck of the presentation post-event.
  • Copies of The Creativity Leap are gifted to the client and can be raffled at in-person events.

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Dr. Natalie Nixon is “the creativity whisperer to the C-Suite”; a top creativity and future of work keynote speaker, advisor, and a strategy, foresight, and innovation expert. As president and founder of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC, she advises leaders on unique approaches for process transformation and leveraging creativity as an innovation resource to more rapidly achieve priority business goals.

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“Creativity is a competency that is essential now, during this 4th industrial revolution, and for the future of work. Creativity has a business ROI and is the engine for innovation. Remember: wonder is found in the midst of rigor, and rigor cannot be sustained without wonder.”

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