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I challenge you to pose life-changing questions

I am a global keynote speaker for companies and associations (see sample list below). I utilize my background in anthropology (user-centered, context-driven, applied research) and fashion (the ability to merge creativity, trend research and commercial business savvy) to help your team or organization do three primary things differently: see, interpret, and innovate.

8 Reasons to Book Natalie

1. Inspires you to action

2. Challenges your mindset
3. Shows you the business value of creativity
4. Energizes & motivates your team
5. Gives fresh takeaways to implement now
6. Global perspective
7. Blends street cred & scholarship
8. Leaves you wanting more & reconsidering what’s possible

Topics include:

• Leading with Creativity
• Building and Sustaining an Innovation Culture
• The Future of Work is Jazz: 4 Shifts to Make
• Strategy & Foresight
• Adapt & Disrupt- Getting Excellent at Change

TEDx Philadelphia

WonderRigor™ 2 min overview

Dancers + Strategy



Create Like Your Life Depends on It (from the GreatPHL 2018 conference)



Future of Work

Empathy is a Business Practice

Story is Strategy

Business Innovation Factory

Design Thinking 101

Innovation IQ

Lateral Thinking

About Figure 8 Thinking

  • BIF 2016: Drawing Creativity Out of the Senses

    BIF 2016: Drawing Creativity Out of the Senses

    “Light bends differently underwater. The speed of sound moves faster than in the air. When the body is submerged, the eyes lose their focus — hearing becomes muffled and spatial awareness alters. Natalie Nixon floats in this medium to expand her perceptions. She swims to gain stamina.” Read the full story of Natalie’s talk entitled […]Read More »
  • National Retail Federation

    National Retail Federation

  • European Innovation Academy

    European Innovation Academy

    Check out Natalie Nixon’s talks at the European Innovation Academy: Fashion Thinking Fast Paper Prototyping Leading with Design ThinkingRead More »
  • TEDx George School

    TEDx George School

    June 2015 “The Nudge Imperative-Why it is Critical to Follow your Heart”An independently hosted TedX talk at George School.Read More »
  • Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

    Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

    “What We can Learn from the Dance Choreographer”Read More »
  • The Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2015 Conference

    The Mayo Clinic’s Transform 2015 Conference

    In October 2015 , at the Mayo Clinic’s Transform conference, Natalie spoke to an audience of physicians, public policy makers, health administrators and citizens about the role of creativity in reshaping our healthcare delivery system. Her talk, “What We Should Stop Doing. Right. Now” can be viewed on YouTube . Illustrator MK Czerwiek did a wonderful […]Read More »

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