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Creativity and entrepreneurship go hand in hand. Explore some of our practical and inspiring tools and tactical guides to unleash your creativity.


Wondering what creative leaps you need to make? Learn to apply Natalie’s L.E.A.P. method to fearlessly go from an idea to an actionable plan.

The Creativity Leap

Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work
In her award-winning book, Natalie Nixon draws on her background in business and the arts to show how we can unlock our innate creativity to produce breakthrough products and services.


Natalie offers insights into unlocking your creative potential. From TedX Talks to understanding personas, explore the ways you can tackle new terrain and disrupt your own thinking for innovative gain.

Published Works

A prolific and inspiring writer, check out some of Natalie’s latest thoughts and insights through her regular column on Inc and in other outlets such as Fast Company.


Throughout this WonderRigor™ Lab podcast you’ll learn that creativity is the “ability to toggle between wonder and rigor to solve problems”. You’ll also get hip to the 3I Creativity™ model in order to exercise creativity: inquiry, improvisation and intuition. Check out what Natalie learned from futurist Faith Popcorn; author of Joyful, Ingrid Fetell Lee; New York Times best seller author Eve Rodsky; global DJ Rich Medina; the questionologist Warren Berger, author of A More Beautiful Question; and the dynamic entrepreneur Beatrice Dixon, Founder & CEO of The Honey Pot.

Media Kit

Dr. Natalie Nixon is a top change management keynote speaker and strategic advisor on foresight, creativity and innovation. As president and founder of Figure 8 Thinking, LLC, she advises leaders on unique approaches for process transformation and leveraging creativity as an innovation resource to more rapidly achieve priority business goals.

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