Build Your Creative Capacity as a Leader (LinkedIn Learning)

Learn why today’s leaders need to lead by inquiry, improvisation, and intuition—all at once—especially if they want to be effective in a constantly shifting workplace. Get an overview of the 3I Creativity model to harness the power of each skill, exploring inquiry with questions and curiosity, improvisation with thought and action, and intuition to trust your own instincts and interpret signals as you go. By the end of this course, you’ll be better prepared to lead without fear and manage change more creatively.

The WonderRigor™️ Lab Full Course

Gain accountability, perspective, and actionable frameworks to incorporate into your own personal toolbox for more meaningful work. This course will take you through 4 milestones, 14 Video Lessons, as well as templates and worksheets and to go from uninspired inertia to focused action on a work project.

The WonderRigor™️ Lab Master Class

The Value of the Pause
Learn how to apply more Wonder and more Rigor for transformative results. Learn the value of the pause as it relates to creativity.