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Sometimes you need a thought partner...

Need a short consult to gain perspective and receive immediate, practical advice?

Here are 2 options that will help you to get the most amount of resources, ideas and information from me for the least amount of commitment and cost. Topics can range from a work or team project to career trajectory and personal development. Clients have started scheduling these calls on a monthly or quarterly basis!

Deep Dive

90 minute call

In this situational advisory we discuss your priorities, resources to leverage, and recommended tactics. You leave with an actionable roadmap.

Natalie helped me to tap into my gut instinct and extract creative ideas that I didn’t even know I was harboring with regards to pursuing a speaking career. She also provided a very clear and practical path forward, identifying not only the next steps but also the next few milestones. This session was invaluable!

– Roxanne B. , Supply Chain Management


30 minute call

We will discuss a few key questions you have and you will leave with recommendations for the next steps.

Engaging in this consultation session with Natalie was time and money well spent. In a relatively short amount of time, she was able to effectively pinpoint my challenges and provide a range of action steps and resources. I look forward to implementing my plan and engaging in future discussions!

– Todd T. , Designer

Your observations about me really gave me a fresh perspective, and a new way to find opportunities. I’m certainly glad we spoke and look forward to a follow up.

– Chris H. , Product Leader

My conversation with Natalie helped me better understand how to direct my time and energy towards productive and positive goals. Our time together was as much about answering my personal questions as it was about dispensing invaluable advice related to work and beyond.

– Ben J. , Entrepreneur

I am thrilled our son, a recent college grad, connected with you. He loved your energy and happily he has found something since talking with you. … It is an awesome start in something he loves doing. I am taking a deep breath knowing he has a foothold.

– Cindy E. , Textile Designer

I appreciated Natalie’s willingness and efficiency in helping me sift through my feelings and work through my options as I considered my next career steps.

– Tony M. , Consultant

This session exceeded my expectations! I needed Natalie’s insight and advice and 30-minutes later, I left the session with a deeper, more thoughtful path forward, along with an additional impactful idea that had never occurred to me. I got the chills – in a good way! I am excited to get started on the advice!

– Laura K., Construction Estimator