Improve Customer Experience With This Amazing Technique

An increasing number of companies talk about being more human and user-centric in their approaches to developing products and services.  This requires them to build their capacity for empathy and translate those customer insights into action. But how does one actually do that?  One method is to plot out journey maps.  Journey maps are step-by-step outlines of the ways people experience the product, service or experience you have developed.  The Service Design Network points out that journey maps are a critical resource to documenting the “present state” of a customer journey in a range of sectors including healthcare, financial services, education and hospitality experiences.  Here is a deeper dive into one particular type of journey map, “The 5 E’s”.  You can diagram each of the following “E’s” in a circular shape, or as a linear path, with specific examples for each.  I tend to like the circular formation because it reminds us that the journey of our customer experiences should be a continuous feedback loop!

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