Asking the wrong questions can hold you back. Natalie Nixon explains how to ask divergent questions to become a great thinker.

Natalie Nixon, a creativity strategist, emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions in order to foster innovation and creativity. She believes that inquiry and curiosity are crucial for driving innovation, as they can bridge information gaps and encourage expansive thinking. 

Nixon introduces the “Taxonomy of Questions,” which includes divergent questions (“Why?”, “What if…?”, “I wonder…?”) that promote big picture thinking, and convergent questions (“What?”, “Where?”, “When?”) that provide tactical guidance. To thrive in an ambiguous world, we need to balance both types of questions, embracing creativity as a uniquely human trait that sets us apart from technology and automation. 

Nixon suggests becoming “clumsy students” of something new in order to build confidence in asking questions and seeking help. By practicing this discipline of inquiry, we can develop our ability to think differently and drive innovation.