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WonderRigor™️ Lab:
An Online Course

What’s holding you back from being more creative and making a transformative shift in your life? What hurdles are you running into in your career? 


Has what you’ve tried so far worked?


Take a moment to daydream for a minute. What do you want your work to look like 1 year from now?


I’m accepting new clients for this online, self-paced course;

I will help you learn the mindset and tools for creativity so that you:

  • Get unstuck.
  • Develop inspired focus
  • Achieve your next breakthrough 

We are ALL hard wired to be creative. It’s a competency and a skill set we can exercise.

Learn to apply my L.E.A.P method to fearlessly go from an idea to an actionable plan:


all that you have done


an audacious future


new questions &
prioritize for action


your idea so that it becomes real and actionable

You’ll leave the course with 

  • Your own practical and actionable playbook for years to come;
  • A mindset shift to exercise clarity;
  • A creative confidence for meaningful work


Spots are limited. 

Book your call with me to see if you’re a good fit for my course!