Publicis Groupe is a global leader in marketing communication. The Groupe is positioned at every step of the value chain, from consulting to execution, combining marketing transformation and digital business transformation. At the time of the engagement, a new Senior Vice President had inherited a cross-functional team. She wanted to explore how design thinking could help them develop a high-functioning environment for more meaningful work. Figure 8 Thinking was engaged for a 2-day Foresight Studio to help this team envision a new way to work.


Define culture and design a work process that is practical, relevant, and owned by all team members. Co-create systems that best serves client needs, cadences, as well as team personalities.


Beginning with the pre-work prior to the engagement, Figure 8 Thinking customized this Foresight Studio to co-create the team’s framing question that was used throughout to build a road map. This allowed for a robust 2-day engagement  full of actionable experiences for everyone involved. During the two-days, there is a process of divergent and convergent thinking that explored the “What if..” questions, and tactical ways to make it real. Teams left inspired with the practical tips to begin their journey, as well as iterative steps to apply weeks and months post-Studio.


An introduction to design thinking principles and physical prototypes of new ways to work. Developed the groundwork that now forms the values and principles that are foundational for their team culture and incorporation of design thinking tenets.