Citrix builds secure, unified digital workspace technology that helps organizations deliver a seamless work experience and provides a unified platform to secure, manage, and monitor diverse technologies in complex cloud environments.

Figure 8 Thinking was engaged to research the shift in workplace culture and establish new ways to think about how the selling process can build value and relationships with corporate customers.


Equip senior level sales Vice Presidents with the capabilities to shift from transactional to relationship based selling.


Figure 8 Thinking began a discovery phase by conducting a series of interviews with dozens of leaders in the Citrix organization as well as with current and prior customers. The next step was to audit and map Citrix current sales process offerings, and host conversations with the internal research team to help them articulate their vision for their future. 

Throughout the engagement Figure 8 Thinking shared out the analysis at various touchpoints. This was a collaborative, co-creation effort that involved active storytelling and listening sessions to offer an opportunity to refine the selling process in a way that the sales leadership team would fully own.


Figure 8 Thinking produced a sales toolkit and roadmap that included a combination of 1) actionable low-hanging fruit to execute on within the first 3 months; 2) a stretch, intermediate  way to begin scaling new ways of working within 6 months; and 3) moonshot goals that could be executed within a year. The toolkit included an outline of the sales techniques that leaders could use to engage in conversations with buyers, actively listen, and integrate customers’ greatest needs into a uniquely customized Citrix solution.