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The Creativity Leap: Unleash Curiosity, Improvisation, and Intuition at Work

Creativity is the source of all innovation, but how can we cultivate it? Natalie Nixon defines creativity as our ability to toggle between wonder & rigor to solve problems and produce novel value. She draws on her background in business and the arts to show how we can unlock our innate creativity to produce breakthrough products and services.

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Featured Creativity Leap Chats

We were so happy to have these luminaries join us for
the launch of The Creativity Leap in June 2020.

John Maeda

Galit Ariel

Fei Wu

King Britt

Seth Godin

Natalie chats with Seth Godin

Natalie chats with John Maeda

“Amazing… when life exceeds my expectations I truly understand the value of suspending judgment & disbelief… in fact, of applying some wonder and some rigor.😂 The Creativity Leap is ranking number 1, 2 (audio – I narrated 😊) and 3 (via Amazon Kindle ) on Amazon in the Hot New Releases in creativity category. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy! Please leave a review on Amazon.”

– Natalie Nixon via Instagram

Advance Praise

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrAs Natalie describes in her important new book, creativity requires holding both wonder and rigor in productive tension. She shared this and other actionable wisdom recently with our team at SYPartners. Natalie dismantles the idea that creativity is the domain of the few, and shows how everyone can take the creativity leap.

Jessica Orkin, CEO, SYPartners

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrIn her new book, Natalie Nixon provides a fresh new primer on how to cultivate creativity in the workplace.

Nir Eyal, Bestselling Author of Hooked and Indistractable

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrDrawing from among such varied fields as theatre, jazz, and dancing but also neuroscience, system dynamics, and (yes) even business, Natalie Nixon provides tools, techniques, and inspiration to improve your creativity quotient in order to innovate better, and more often. So take a leap and buy this book in order to not only generate more creativity but to turn it into a competency.

B. Joseph Pine II, co-author, The Experience Economy

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrIn her book The Creativity Leap, Nixon invites us to bring our whole selves to work and to create with curiosity, improvisation, and intu- ition. Leaders that want to take the professional development of their team personally and see greater innovation in their organizations should read this book.

Erica Keswin, Bestselling author of Bring Your Human to Work

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrWith this long overdue book, Natalie delves deep into skills and per- spectives necessary for success in a disrupted and dynamic world. For anyone with a desire to construct artful, impact-driving solutions people choose to lean in to, The Creativity Leap is a must.

Esther Franklin, Executive Vice President, Managing Director, Global Strategy and Cultural Fluency, Spark Foundry

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstr“Natalie Nixon can help you get unstuck and unlock the work that you were born to do.”

Seth Godin, Author, This Is Marketing

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrCreativity is often looked upon as some kiss from the muse, some lighting strike in the brain that’s accidental and random. Michelangelo wasn’t random, nor was Steve Jobs. Nor is Natalie Nixon in this fascinating and insightful new work on the topic.

Alan Weiss, PhD, President of Summit Consulting Group; Author of Fearless Leadership and over 60 other books

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrIn The Creativity Leap, Natalie Nixon offers a fresh way of thinking about creativity–as an essential skill that is absolutely critical to success in today’s world. Nixon shows us that creativity is a fascinating blend of inquiry, improvisation, and intuition–and that it calls on us to take a “leap” that is well worth taking!

Warren Berger, Best-selling Author of A More Beautiful Question

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrThrough insightful stories from her life and innovators across every field, Natalie Nixon shows us how we can build practices that en- hance our innate creative competency and provides a valuable re- frame on the nature of creativity as the dynamic tension between wonder and rigor. A must-read.

Sarah Brooks, Design Director, IBM

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrThe Creativity Leap quickly gets below the buzzwords of innovation to help leaders develop the necessary practices to uncover growth opportunities unleashing new customer and business value.

Saul Kaplan, founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrWe can’t get to the better future we deserve until we imagine it and design it.  Natalie Nixon shows us how, using her tested methods in strategy and design thinking to get impact.  This book is practical, probing and essential.

Beth Comstock, Author, Imagine it Forward and former Vice Chair, GE

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrFor any of us who feel forced to choose between our creative and an- alytic selves, this book is a gift, a balm, and an inspiration. Natalie’s unique approach to rigor and wonder makes her a wise and relatable coach for building creative competency exactly where we are.

Amy Whitaker, author of Art Thinking

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrImagine a world where creativity is exponentially magnified. The Creativity Leap applies methods and insights for creativity in clear, understandable language. Natalie Nixon is a master teacher and has introduced me to that world.

Stephen Spinelli Jr., PhD, President, Babson College

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrIn The Creativity Leap, Natalie Nixon does something brilliant and heretical—she declares that creativity is a teachable phenomenon. Nixon describes creativity as equal parts structure and looseness, focus and ambiguity, rules and no rules, guiding us to an under- standing of this most critical ability and daring to suggest that we all have it in us.

Alan Greenberger, Distinguished Teaching Professor, Drexel University

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrWe bought your book for our staff book club. It exceeded our expectations and made for an incredible discussion.  As a professional services firm that is working hard to invest in our work culture amid the pandemic, we benefited greatly from the insights in your book.  I can’t say enough about what this shared experience has meant for us, in terms of giving us some great frameworks and vocabulary for communicating effectively, building trust, and growing our business.  Thank you!

Lee Huang, President of Econsult Solutions Inc.

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrNatalie’s remarkable book provides a simple blueprint for creatively living in this time of overwhelming change. By combining science, dance, design thinking, fashion, and deep business acumen, Natalie has charted a clear path onward, for yourself, your business, and your family.

Dan Roam, International Bestselling Author of The Back of The Napkin

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrIn The Creativity Leap, Natalie Nixon seamlessly weaves together stories from her personal history with deep insights born from her research to expand on the definition of a ‘creative type.’ This book offers a new paradigm to those who desire more expansive thinking, imaginative outcomes, and game-changing results for themselves and their organizations.

Valerie Jacobs, Chief Insight and Innovation Officer, LPK

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrThe Creativity Leap is wondrous in its deft blending of insights from sources as different as jazz musicians and GE Healthcare to shed new light on the process of true innovation. Nixon is rigorous in laying out a practical approach that should convince even the most analytic reader of the business value of creativity.

Derek Newberry, Behavior and Culture Specialist, Boston Consulting Group

Quote 3 - SVG - iconmonstrWe know that creativity is key to success in business, yet few compa- nies actively encourage it, and few individuals in the corporate world really know how to develop it. The Creativity Leap is a guide through the process, citing current examples of it in practice and the benefits it brings to individuals and corporations alike.

Sass Brown, eco-fashion writer

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Who can design? For too long, that question has highlighted the supposed division between right-brain dominant “creative types” and left-brain dominant “analytical types.” Such a division is not practical for preparing students to become innovative contributors to the complex world of design. Strategic Design Thinking guides readers to cultivate hybrid thinking, whether their background is design, finance, or any discipline in between.

This book is an introduction to an integrative approach using the lens of design thinking as a way to see the world. The focus is on process instead of solution, and on connecting disparate ideas instead of getting bogged down by silos of specialization. Through this book, people will be introduced to design management, strategic design, service design, and experience design.

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