Pick My Brain

One on one thought partner sessions that reignite, clarify and leave you with an actionable roadmap.


Gain perspective and receive immediate, practical advice

You can do so much in a short, personalized advisory session. If you’re asking yourself the following questions then a Pick My Brain session is right for you:

  • How might I add value to my company?
  • How do I make “the leap”?
    What should I be doing next to gain traction?
  • I’m feeling stuck: What is a new way I could be looking at this challenge?

There are two ways to sign up

Natalie Nixon is changing lives through ideas so that people build their creative confidence for years to come and make an impact. A single conversation with Natalie can help you to get the most amount of resources, ideas and information for the least amount of commitment and cost. Topics can range from a work or team project to career trajectory and personal development.
30-minute call
We will discuss a few key questions you have and you will leave with recommendations for the next steps.
90-minute call
In this situational advisory we discuss your priorities, resources to leverage, and recommended tactics. You leave with an actionable roadmap.