Foresight Studio

Build a shared language and design tactical journey maps that leverage your team’s collective intelligence.

Are you a C-suite leader, director or founder wondering “What’s next?”?

Do these questions keep you up at night:


What's our purpose?


We’ve been churning the past few years and have gotten stale. What’s the business we should be in?


How do we reinvent ourselves?


How can we do a better job of anticipating our clients’ needs?


What does the future of work look like for my team?

Imagine that those questions don’t intimidate you- they excite you! Foresight requires that you ask better and different questions. Our Foresight Studios are deep dives into hard questions, like those above. We help you inventory what’s been done already and arrive at fresh insights.

We define foresight as hindsight and insight converted into strategy. And a great strategy depends on your ability to reframe your perspective, recombine ideas from unexplored areas, identify new value and engage thought diversity among your teams.

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Discover how Design Thinking Works with Foresight Studios:

Strategy is fundamentally a creative practice because it requires perspective, recombinations and reframing. In all of these studios, participants will learn and apply four basic principles of design thinking: empathy, lateral thinking, prototyping and story.

Your team will leave with tools and frameworks to apply to their actual project, organizational and business challenges.

Our Approach

Our approach is action oriented, hands-on, collaborative, flexible and highly engaging for all involved. The design thinking methodology is grounded in curiosity, exploration and discovery and uses a human centered approach to explore insights from people, organizational culture, the environment and policy drivers. These Foresight Studios will equip participants with tools and frameworks to use in their daily work and build a culture of optimism.

OUTCOME: Innovating your business model in key functional areas

OUTCOME: An understanding of how to use basic qualitative research methods to solve problems and build strategy

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