Figure 8 Thinking helps leaders build high-performing cultures, design transformative experiences, and radically improve business results.
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Engage with an insightful, empathetic leader in design thinking

Culture change and enterprise design are long-term processes. Natalie Nixon & Figure 8 Thinking serve as advisor, thought partner, facilitator and co-designer of a collaborative, inventive and customer-centric process that your team defines and owns. Outcomes include the discovery of new revenue streams, exciting strategic partnerships and energized teams.

Shift the paradigm of your business today

Your organizational culture consists of the stories that you tell - internally and externally - about people, process, and place. Figure 8 Thinking guides you through 4 phases to adapt and disrupt.

Phase 1:


In this discovery phase we conduct qualitative research to audit and analyze the organizational culture and design of the company.

Phase 2:


Through evaluation and co-creation we identify future scenarios that convert current challenges into transformative experiences.

Phase 3:


Prioritize, do, and learn in short, iterative stages. Achieve smart and sustainable growth by scaling methodically. Success is contagious!

Phase 4:


From success comes growth. Iterating on early tactics, you have a roadmap for success that evolves to help you reach your ultimate goals.

Train your business to gain a high CQ, or Creativity Quotient

Most companies should ask themselves the following questions:

  • What business are we REALLY in?
  • What do our customers ACTUALLY need?
  • What’s our purpose and how will we fit into the future of work?

They rarely pause to ask these questions because of legacy culture, silos, and laggard technology.

In the 4th Industrial Revolution, cloud technology, automation and AI are ubiquitous. This means organizations need to increase their CQ to optimize technology, productivity and meaningful human experience.

A high Creativity Quotient (CQ) has 3 parts:

1) Inventive thinking
Collaborative organizational culture
3) Customer-obsessed products & services

Creativity has a Business ROI

Inventive Thinking

Novel business models, strategic partnerships & revenue streams.

Collaborative Organizational Culture

Improved efficiencies & lower costs.

Customer Obsessed

Human-centered products & services; increase in brand loyalty, value and sales.

Questions Answered

  • What’s our purpose? We churned the past few years and have gotten stale. 
  • What’s the business we should be in? How do we reinvent ourselves? 
  • How can we do a better job of anticipating our clients’ needs?
  • What’s the future of work look like for my business or team?

Key Outcomes

At least 3 possible future scenarios to pursue, grounded in a strategic roadmap, to rekindle your business model and your team.

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