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I help leaders apply creativity & foresight to achieve transformative business results.



I apply my background in anthropology (user-centered, context-driven, applied research), fashion (the ability to merge creativity, trends and strategy) and service design to speak about audacious ideas.


Foresight Studios

As a seasoned facilitator I help you convene board retreats, team offsite meetings and community charrettes for big picture envisioning work, always culminating in tactical next steps.



Culture change and enterprise design is a long term process. I serve as partner, facilitator and co-designer of a collaborative, inventive and customer-centric process that your team defines and owns. This happens in 2 phases: Assess and Envision; Implement and Grow.



We are always looking for a rockstar keynote speaker to inspire and inform…Dr. Natalie Nixon had us all on the edge of our seats for her entire presentation! …My attendees absolutely loved her work across a multidisciplinary set of insights and anecdotes…punctuated with references to both her research and to hyper-relevant themes.

It was inspiring, but not cliche.
It was fun, but not trite.
It was academic, but not condescending.
It was informative, but not a lecture.

Nigel Prentice, Global Head of Accessibility, IBM Design

Natalie’s Creative Leap Strategy helped our audience of marketers see the importance of creativity of all stripes, and how improvisation, inquiry and intuition will guide their businesses and work forward. Natalie is a skilled storyteller and presenter, and great partner in the process. Thank you, Natalie!

Jenna Silver, VP, Ad Sales Marketing, Univision Communications, Inc.

Figure 8 Thinking is a stellar team who brought commitment, compassion, and courage to our partnership. Their landscape analysis on the wealth disparity in the United States was superb. Figure 8 Thinking brought excellent qualitative research, scenario planning and analysis to the project and exceeded our expectations with suggested experiments to test their recommendations.

Janay Queen, PHD, Managing Director, Living Cities

Natalie helped our team arrive at a high volume of new insights that we can immediately begin to apply. We all left with a creative confidence. Her approach explores what makes people tick, first, and then delivers a methodology that allows teams to collaboratively ebb and flow through ideas to get to amazing results. It’s both inspiring and helps our business on a tactical level!

Alix Mills, Bloomberg Marketing, Global Head of Events

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