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Natalie helps you achieve transformative business results by applying wonder and rigor.


Natalie Nixon, a creativity strategist, is a global thought leader on creativity, innovation and the future of work and author of the award-winning The Creativity Leap. Her engaging keynotes deliver more than inspiration – they offer tactical solutions to move forward.


Culture change and enterprise design is a long term process. Natalie serves as advisor, thought partner, facilitator and co-designer of a collaborative, inventive and customer-centric process that unlocks value and revenue for your team.

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Creativity is not a nice to have- it’s a must have- now, during this 4th industrial revolution- and for the future of work. As a global strategy, foresight, and creativity expert; her dynamic, accessible and engaging approach has changed lives and impacted executives and leaders across Fortune 500 companies, cultural institutions, and countless individuals.

Natalie’s experience living in 5 countries combined with her background in anthropology, fashion, academia, and dance distinguish her as a one-of-a-kind creativity expert. Among her credentials, Natalie Nixon is recognized as among the top 50 speakers in the world by Real Leaders; and her book, The Creativity Leap, was recognized by Fast Company in their World Changing Ideas awards. Natalie pulls back the veil on creativity so we can all access the wonder and rigor needed for our next big breakthrough.

Natalie has brought her diverse and dynamic perspective to create meaningful outcomes for hundreds of companies including:

Natalie has published works through major publications including:

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The Book

The Creativity Leap

Combining creativity techniques with real-world stories of innovative people and businesses, this book is a provocation, an inspiration, and an invitation to unleash the innate creativity that lies within each of us. Explore a dynamic and integrative way to adapt and innovate, and ultimately access your full self.

The Course

Build Your Creative Capacity as a Leader

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Learn why today’s leaders need to lead by inquiry, improvisation, and intuition—all at once—especially if they want to be effective in a constantly shifting workplace. Get an overview of the 3I Creativity model to harness the power of each skill, exploring inquiry with questions and curiosity, improvisation with thought and action, and intuition to trust your own instincts and interpret signals as you go. By the end of this course, you’ll be better prepared to lead without fear and manage change more creatively.

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The Card Deck

WonderRigor™ Card Deck

WonderRigor™ Card Deck The WonderRigor method is effective for anyone who wants to grow their business strategically, build a better team, hire the best people, innovate, and lead with purpose. Use the card deck to help unlock your creativity and start tackling your latest project with the wonder and rigor you need to succeed.